Financial Cryptography and Data Security 2012

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Sixteenth International Conference
February 27–March 2, 2012
Divi Flamingo Beach Resort

Nature Fee

The waters surrounding the island form the Bonaire National Marine Park and all international visitors who make use of the aquatic facilities are required to pay a Nature Fee of $10 ($25 for scuba divers). This fee is not included in the prices mentioned below. Upon payment of the fee you will receive a tag valid for one year, so paying once will cover the entire period of the conference.

Dive Instruction

Bonaire is renowned for its scuba diving, and for those who want to experience it or even obtain certification, a number of (optional) courses are available in the days preceding the conference, from Thursday February 23 through Sunday February 26:

  1. resort/discover scuba course: half day, either morning or afternoon, basic half hour theory, a couple of skills in the shallows and a guided dive on the house reef to a maximum depth of 40 feet. Minimum age 10 years. Total price per person $97.50 includes taxes and all equipment. This is just an experience and not a certification class.
  2. PADI e-learning open water course: 3 to 3.5 full days. Theory completed in advance on the PADI site (specify store name Divi dive Bonaire and number 20410) for $120. Confined training and 4 open water dives are then completed in Bonaire. Total price per person $375 includes taxes and all equipment and certification.
  3. PADI open water full certification: 4 full days minimum. Theory, confined sessions and four training dives. Total price per person $480 includes taxes and all equipment, books and certification.

All classes require a completed medical form and if any of the questions are answered YES, doctor's approval. To schedule a course, please contact Serge de Groote, dive operations manager.

Divers who are already certified can shore dive on the hotel's house reef 24/7. The price to rent one tank to shore dive is $18 per day and the price for unlimited use of shore dive tanks is $36 per day. Gear rental rates depend on what's needed; a full set of rental gear (including wetsuit) is $42 per day. Boat dives can also be arranged for those not attending the conference sessions.

North Island Tour

This activity is included for conference registrants. Buses will leave Divi on Tuesday February 28 at 12 noon and return at 4pm, stopping for lunch at 1pm at Rose Inn in Rincon, which serves traditional local cuisine. Attractions visited include 1000 Steps, Gotomeer, Rincon overlook, and Seru Largu.

Free Afternoon with Activities

A selection of activities have been arranged for the afternoon following the close of the conference on Thursday March 1. These activities are included for conference registrants, and include:

  1. Compass Sailing Bonaire
    1:45pm-4:15pm (first trip)
    2pm-4:30pm (second trip)
    Sail & snorkel.
  2. Glass-Bottom Kayak
    Guided kayak trip from Cha Cha Beach to Donkey Beach.
  3. Big Foot East Coast Tour
    Off-road tour in large jeep including Washikemba house, Lac Cai (possibility to swim). mangroves with flamingos, blow hole, local life.
    Including: water/soft drink/1 piece fruit.
  4. Divi Dive Boat/Snorkel Trip
    Boat trip to Klein Bonaire with snorkeling.
  5. Resort/Discover Scuba ($45 supplemental fee)
    Half-day, basic half hour theory and orientation, guided dive of house reef to a maximum depth of 40 feet. Minimum age 10 years. Not a certification class.

The activities have differing minimum and maximum limits; sign-up sheets will be available at the registration reception on Sunday February 26 and throughout the conference.

Paranda Party Bus

This activity is included for workshop registrants. The bus will leave Divi at 7pm on Friday March 2 and make a number of stops for drinks and snacks and a sampling of Bonaire night life (as well as music and a party atmosphere on the bus itself). The first stop is Sorobon on the east side of the island, then on to Roomer Hotel, then gallery Kas di Arte for a steel pan jam session. Participants will be dropped off at 10pm for a final drink together at Karels Bar in town (easy walking distance from Divi), where they can stay on as long as they like.


On Saturday March 3, two optional excursions have been arranged: a guided jeep tour of Washington Slagbaai National Park with lunch in the park, and an alternative tour along the north coast: Washikemba, off road, blowhole, Lac Cai (swim and lunch), returning along the south coast: slave huts, salt lakes (this is an expanded version of the east coast tour offered on Thursday afternoon). Transport with Unimogs. Pick up at Divi at 8:30am and return around 2:30pm-3pm. Price is $90 including BBQ lunch. Sign-up sheets will be available starting on Monday February 27. Both excursions require a minimum number of participants and as many attendees are leaving on Saturday it may be necessary to combine them into a single excursion if there are not enough sign-ups, in which case the more popular of the two will be chosen. Note that Washington Slagbaai National Park has a $25 entrance fee, but the Nature fee counts towards it so those with a valid Dive tag can enter free of charge and those with a valid Nature fee tag can enter for $15.




This conference is organized annually by the International Financial Cryptography Association.